Seth let out a contented sigh as she lazilly sat down in her comfortable chair. Today was promising to be a leasurely day, with no squad tasks to attend to and hopefully, no trips like the one Roxenne dragged her two days before. She picked up her copy of the highly illegal yet sometime awesome "Angel Times" newspaper and arched her eyebrow in curiosity at the headline.


"That's pretty unusual..." mused Seth as searched her memory to recall if this had ever happened in the past. Here at Arkaedea, scientific and magical innovation was the norm, but at Angel Institute? The people living there were repressed, encouraged not to think by themselves. Angel Times never reported anything of the kind before: It usually has nothing more to report than minor events like the arrival of two troublesome Teeri sometime ago, or printing the best student drawings they found while trying to keep discreet enough so that they don't get caught or attract Zeile ire too much. Shrugging as she came up with a blank regarding another breakthrough at Angel Institute, Seth kept on reading:
"Since the beginning of time, there have been universal questions which permates the thoughts of all Rii, Teeri and Humans alike. The mighty dragons often figures into those questions, the most important of them being 'Are Dragons Flammable?' This question has been unanswered for centuries, as there were a number of technical difficulties, such as slight personal safety issues related to trying to put a great dragon on fire. As such, this question was thought to never be solved... Yet yesterday, this great important question has been half-answered:"
"Dragon Rii are indeed flammable! More details on page 2!"

"ROX!" bellowed Seth as she put down the newspaper on her lap.

"Yes?" answered Roxenne meekly as she poked her head around the corner. "Oh, so you read it too?" she said as she pointed toward the newspaper with a twinge of fear.

"You realize this is all your fault?" commented Seth as she pointed at the headline.

"Oh common!" stammered Roxenne as she continued: "Niki had asked for my help!"

"No she didn't." answered Seth pointelly.

"Okay, no she didn't, but I'm sure she meant to! And I'm sure she would have learned how to do that without me anyway! And he had it comming! And, and..."

Seth interrupted Roxenne's rant with a loud sigh, before saying wearily: "It should be okay as long as nothing gets traced to us or Niki... Imagine the world of trouble we'd be in!"

Roxenne looked down sheepishly as she said in a barely audible voice: "You probably shouldn't check page 2..."

Alarmed, Seth turned the page and continued reading:

"The people behind this great discovery are currently unidentified, but with your help, they can get the proper credit they so deserve! Two days ago, near our grand lake, a neophyte artist resting under the trees caught wind of a strange discussion between four women: Two Teeri, one Rii and one uncertain. Here is the artist rendition of the scene:"

"Considering that the experimental subject was called 'Niku' and that one of the scientist was shooting fire from her hands, we can safely assume that these four women are the ones behind this critical discovery. If you know the identify of any of those four scientists, please make certain to talk about it randomly wherever you go. Remember: You do not contact Angel Times; Angel Times contacts you!"

Seth glared at Roxenne angrily as she shuffled tiny steps backward with her arms outstretched while profusely explaining: "Don't worry, it will o-kay, okay? I'm sure Lor would still have learned how to shoot fire without me teaching her, you can't blame me on that one! And it's not me who convinced her to burn that evil dragon rii! "

With an icy and sarcastically high-pitched tone, Seth quipped: "You get him, girl!"

Flustered, Roxenne still continued her tirade: "We'll be okay! That doesn't matter! Look at that drawing! No one will recognize us! I mean, look at that! I'm as tall as you are! Or you are supposed to be further behind me, I don't know. See? I can't even tell! And look how stacked I am on that drawing, no one will think it's me even if it's written 'Rox'! And look at you! With your face-palm, no one can even see you! And I mean, I'm sure there was lots of Teeri at Angel Institute two days ago....."

She paused in sudden realization and shot a quick glance at Seth while meekly saying: "... I'm sleeping on the couch tonight?"

Seth's glare was all the answer she needed.