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Author's Comments: Advertisement, October 23rd, 2019, 8:46 pm

User's Comments: Firan25, May 9th, 2010, 5:06 am

I Can guess who her bro is...but I could be wrong...:/

Rumiel, May 9th, 2010, 6:03 am

Ditto.... >_>

Rika (Guest), May 9th, 2010, 12:28 pm

Don't tell me it's that dragon guy...

RengeHotaru, May 9th, 2010, 2:39 pm

I think I have a feeling who it is.
But I dun want it to be him. D:
'Cause if I'm right, I'll start wondering how someone as horrible as him could be related to the AWESOME Niki. >.>

AArK (Guest), May 9th, 2010, 4:30 pm

o.o Niku?
Fear... ><
If Niki's go first, before she goes, Lor will want to go look for her too.. I think! o.o

Miki (Guest), May 9th, 2010, 8:59 pm

Oh no I can't be...him!?
Run away together! <3

Solitary Predition (Guest), May 10th, 2010, 12:55 am

But how did her brother get there in the first place, and if they are related by blood why does he have the traits of a different race D:?

Ayra, May 10th, 2010, 8:32 am

Leave with her? That might be awfully difficult based on what we've seen so far, and I'm not sure at all that Lor would really be ready for it yet, but...

It sure would be exciting :) And plus, they'd get to away from certain... unpleasant characters that may or may not be Niki's brother. Although I'm not sure I'd want to see what happens if Lor tries to leave and gets caught, especially based on what happened last time with a far more minor transgression.

Resubian (Guest), May 10th, 2010, 3:11 pm

Yeah.. All the side stories have confused the crap out of me. I thought her brother was her.. identical twin, or whatever, and we know who that is..

Tah, May 14th, 2010, 11:14 pm

I have my suspicions on who her brother is, also... But it's not Niku I'm suspecting. -shifty eyes-

I'm very good at detecting far-fetched conspiracies. Mwahaha.

Murtaghe (Guest), April 24th, 2011, 8:45 am

Oh sh!t God no god no god nO alha no budda no ghandi noooooooooo not him shiiiiiiiiii -statement cut off signal lost-

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