Loving You

As Stitches is now over, I took all the extras out of the storyline and put them in a seperate chapter called "Stuffing".
It's now on-top/listed-second, as I want the "First Page" button to take readers to the beginnging of the story.

For the main storyline, please select the "Stitches" chapter from the Archive, click the "First Page" button, or click here:
The last page of the story is here:
The page after with comment replies is here:

Thank You. :)

Thank you very, very much to Ayra, for the hilarious post-Stitches comic you all MUST READ!
You will laugh. And enjoy. I promise.
From Ayra
Thank you again, Ayra! I'm sending you all my love~ <3

Technically, that one with Stephen Colbert is winning the poll for which Disney movie Niki and Lor would be best in.
But SHIT-MAN picked Beauty & the Beast, which is just fine with me, because don't these two just look scrumptious? ;)
Thank you whole-heartedly to SHIT-MAN for the yummy cosplay fanart!!

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